Diabetes North Carolina

Diabetes North Carolina


Learn how to better manage diabetes on your own or with help from others. The Manage Your Diabetes guide is an excellent resource for helping people with diabetes get the best care possible at the best price possible. Also available in Spanish.

If you have diabetes, you should:

  • Know your ABCs
    • A - A1c Test: Two or more (Ideal—less than 7)
    • B - Blood Pressure: Healthy blood pressure is below 130/80
    • C - Cholesterol (Ideal-LDL less than 100, HDL greater than 40)
    • S - Stop smoking, if you are a smoker
  • See a health care provider for the flu vaccine and other scheduled vaccinations
  • Have a comprehensive foot exam
  • Have your kidneys checked

You should also:

  • Check & record blood glucose as recommended
  • Take your medication as prescribed
  • Be physically active
  • Eat healthy
  • Limit alcohol intake
  • Routinely check your feet

If you are not able to afford your medication, check with your provider about programs that may be of assistance.

Manage your Diabetes with Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support

Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) is a process to teach people to manage their diabetes. DSMES programs teach you to manage your blood sugar levels, control complications from diabetes and keep costs down. Click here to locate a DSMES program.

Click the thumbnail to view the DSMES one-pager.

Living with diabetes.

More than one million North Carolinians have either prediabetes or diabetes. Diabetes is a leading cause of stroke, blindness and kidney failure—but the disease can be controlled. Listen to these stories of how four individuals learned to manage their diabetes.

Essic’s Story:
Living with complications from diabetes

Laura’s Story:
A female with type 2 diabetes

Sylvia’s Story (Spanish):
Living with type 2 diabetes

Benjamin’s Story:
A juvenile with type 1 diabetes