Diabetes North Carolina

Diabetes North Carolina


Gestational Diabetes Collaborative

Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) affects 2-10% of pregnancies in the US. According to England, Dietz, et al, “Up to one-third of affected women will have impaired glucose metabolism at postpartum screening,” and “an estimated 15-50% will develop diabetes in the decades following the affected pregnancies.”

Assuming a modest estimate of 5% GDM-affected pregnancies and approximately 4 million live births per year, over 200,000 women each year could be at risk for developing type 2 diabetes. According to an article published in Lancet in May 2009, women with GDM have an increased relative risk of developing type 2 diabetes 7.43 higher than women who had normoglycemic pregnancies. Women with a history of GDM have prediabetes and should receive targeted interventions to prevent type 2 diabetes in preconception, during pregnancy, postpartum and between pregnancies.

North Carolina participates in a multi-state Gestational Diabetes Collaborative. The purpose of this group is to document the burden of gestational diabetes, to promote quality care and screening, to raise awareness of increased risk of developing diabetes for the mother and the child(ren), and to promote diabetes prevention activities including lifestyle change programs.

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